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Our Beginnings

Presentation Convent School (PCS), Sehore for Girls & Boys was established in 2018. It is owned and managed by Sehore Presentation Society, and Registered on the 2nd of December 2019. The school is functioning within the Archdiocese of Bhopal and is located at Pachama-village in the District of Sehore, MP. PCS, Sehore is an independent school rooted in Christian values, is secular in nature as we welcome and admit students of all faiths in our school.

The school aims to bring out the best in all its students and to instill in them a sense of dignity and purpose in life. It is our endeavour to groom our students to become responsible human persons and agents of social change who will, one day take their rightful place in the society and work towards equality and justice for all.

  • Year of Foundation – 2018
  • School type – Recognized Private unaided Minority School
  • Grades taught – Nursery to class Five
  • Present Enrollment – 131
  • Academics – Regular classes Monday to Friday.

About our Foundress

Nano Nagle – known as the Lady of the lantern, fondly called the lover of Children and friend of the poor, was born in Ballygriffin, County-Cork, Ireland in 1718. Her wealthy catholic family provided her the advantage of an Education in France, at a time when Ireland’s education act 1695 prohibited the less privileged from education. On her return to Ireland, the sight of the people who lived in appalling poverty, oppression and degradation deeply distressed Nano. Moved with compassion, she set about alleviating the misery and improving the lot of the poor of Ireland.

Nano believed in the power of education to transform minds and hearts to bring about a permanent change in the society. Realizing that the Irish were deprived of both faith and education, at great personal and family risk, Nano opened her first hedge school in 1754 with an enrolment of 35 girls. Her commitment and dedicated service to the poor inspired others to join her. Soon she had seven schools in and around Cork city. In this way she took a stand against some of the injustices of her time.

Nano gave up a life of luxury to revolutionize the education system during the penal laws and worked tirelessly for upliftment of the poor. The lantern that she carried along became a symbol of hope for the people and the Presentation Sisters, to carry on the great task begun by her.

Nano founded the Presentation Congregation along with three companions in 1775. This valiant woman accomplished all that was humanly possible with the divine assistance. She declared her unmatched legacy to her followers saying, “Love one another as you have hither to done”, “Spend yourselves for the poor”, “Look after the children”…..she breathed her last on 26th April 1784. The dream of this dauntless woman of God has come true in her words “If I could be of any service in saving souls in any part of the globe, I would willingly do all in my power”.

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  • Sehore Presentation Society,168/1/1 Presentation Sisters, Village Pachama, District Sehore
  • Mobile Number: +91-9009630306
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